About Sinecura

Sinecura exclusively focuses on Chinese herbal science. Our background, constant training, experience and passion have made us what we are today: an established value in Belgium and Europe. We only provide the best herbs and want to inspire students with our knowledge. We always strive to improve clinical efficiency and to better understand the old wisdoms and to apply them in practice.

Our approach

The roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sinecura's mindset goes right to the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The enormous and well-preserved wealth of knowledge that comes from the Chinese traditions, deepen and refine to the well-being of today. We strive to live on the age-old origins of this complex science and spiritual life philosophy.

Not to heal, but to prevent, not only to become healthy, but also to be and stay healthy: that is the unique approach of Chinese herbal medicine. How? By keeping the body in balance with pure, natural plant extracts.

After 2000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has long proven its effect. Its efficiency is determined by the quality and purity of herbs and minerals.

Quality control

In this area, Sinecura sets the standard, because at our insistence the awareness for quality herbs grew over the years, both at KPC Herbs, our supplier and the authorities. It is self-evident that our herbs meet European and Belgian standards, but Sinecura itself goes a step further. After a first check in which KPC Herbs carefully controls the amount of active components in the herbs, Sinecura screens the herbs a second time in Belgium. In collaboration with an external, accredited laboratory of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, we carry out a very far-reaching control for pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

We also keep everything under control indoors. Our Mix Robot takes the lead in this case. Its intervention in the processing process immediately excludes some risks. Forget about human error or pollution, health deserves our flawless precision and perfect hygiene.

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