Striving for the highest quality Chinese herbs

For 31 years, Sinecura has been providing unique and authentic Chinese herbal formulas and preparations. Merging the ingredients reinforce or control each other in a synergistic way, guaranteeing an optimal effect. They help modern people be, stay and become healthy. To this end, we work only with the high-quality herbal extracts from KPC Herbs. Our product range is focused on the contemporary practice of therapists, acupuncturists and TCM doctors.


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Sinecura offers unique Chinese herbal formulas and individual preparations.

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The power of formulas

Herbs are knowledge

Building on our extensive domain knowledge, Sinecura focuses exclusively on Chinese herbal medicine. Our background, constant training, experience and passion have made us into what we are today: an established value in Belgium and Europe. For 25 years, we have been striving to offer only the best herbs to every therapist, and to inspire students with our knowledge. We always aim to continuously increase clinical efficiency for therapists, and to help them understand and apply in their practice the forgotten age-old wisdoms.

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